Adventures in Reading: Mighty Dads

imageOn a recent library trip, we found a wonderful, high-contrast story celebrating dads and their little guys or gals:  Mighty Dads, by Joan Holub, pictures by James Dean.  If your child loves Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, he or she will probably enjoy Mighty Dads.  If your child has a vision impairment, Mighty Dads may the more popular pick:  although the story is simpler, the pictures are much higher contrast, and thereby easier to see.

imageEach pair of pages features a big construction machine and its mini me child:  dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, long-arm cranes, boom trucks, cement mixers, backhoes, graders, steamrollers and forklifts.  Aside from the last two pages where all of the big machines and their kids get together, the illustrations are simple and high contrast.  Each dad in the story works with his kid at a task, like digging a trench or knocking down a building, and the dads help their kids succeed.  It’s a sweet, simple story that both Peanut and Sprout love–and Peanut, even with his vision impairment, is able to enjoy both the pictures of the big machines and their smaller children.

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