Time to Glow Take a Bath

We’ve been having some electricity problems lately, so when bath time came, I knew creativity was in order. Neither of my children is a fan of the dark, so I needed a safe way to light bath time up. Rather than risk flashlights falling in the tub, I opted for glow bracelets.

I started by filling our bathtub with warm water and bubble bath, then broke open a package of 15 glow bracelets. I snapped each bracelet and used some of the connectors to make them into shapes–circles of different sizes and long chains, mostly. As I finished each shape, I tossed it into the bubble-filled water. NOTE: Do NOT cut open your bracelets and try to dump the contents in the water. They glow because of a chemical reaction between two chemicals; the chemicals are separated by glass. The cracking/popping noise you hear when you activate them is the glass breaking. I have no idea what the chemicals are or if they’re safe to bathe in, but I know children shouldn’t bathe in broken glass.

Once I’d set everything up, I called the kids in for bath time. They were pretty thrilled. Gone were fears of the dark; instead, they enjoyed feeling in the water for bracelets, putting them in different shapes, and playing with them in the water. The bubbles made the bracelets hard to see (it wasn’t super-clear where they were at), so it even became a tactile activity for Peanut, my little boy who so wants to use his eyes that he sometimes resists developing his other senses. Over an hour after their bath was done–in the dark with no tears or fussing–the kids are still playing with the bracelets by putting them in different shapes and combinations.

This activity was a win for us, so I’ll definitely keep it in the arsenal for the future. If your kiddo doesn’t see as well as Peanut but does still have light perception, you might try glo sticks rather than bracelets, and try for brighter colors–the sticks are bigger, so they’ll be easier to see and colors like yellow and green seem to generate the most light.

Glow sticks are fairly inexpensive these days. You can pick up packages of all sorts of glow items at Dollar Tree for $1, or, if you stop by Big Lots in the days after Independence Day each year, you can get them for even less (I probably paid twenty cents for a packet of glow bracelets after the holiday). I think I’ve also seen them in the dollar aisle at Target.

Below: Peanut and Sprout play in the bath


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