2015 NFB Writer’s Division Contest

From the mailbag:


The annual youth and adult writing contests sponsored by the NFB Writers’ Division will open January 1st and close April 1st.

NEW THIS YEAR: 2015, being the Federation’s 75th birthday, the contest will for the first time ever, have a required theme. All submissions will need to somehow incorporate the theme of 75. It does not have to be necessarily about the anniversary of NFB. It could just be the number 75, or perhaps the diamond anniversary, or 75 steps to your destination, or even 75 balloons. Thinking of past entries, 75 aliens would work. Seriously, let your imagination take over. Write the piece you want, just remember to include the theme of 75; this is inspired by the 75 years of the great work that has been happening within, and because of the National Federation of the Blind.

Adult contests, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and stories for youth are open to all entrants eighteen and over.

The youth writing contest, poetry and fiction, are to promote Braille literacy and excellence in writing. The contest is divided into three groups, determined by grade level – elementary, middle, and high school.

Prizes for contest winners range up to $100 for adult categories, and up to $30 for youth.

All contest winners will be announced the first week in July, at the Writers’ Division business meeting during the NFB national convention, held in Orlando, Florida. In addition, a list of winners will appear on our website, http://writers.nfb.org

All winners from both, the adult and youth contests will be considered for publication in our Division’s magazine, Slate & Style.

For additional contest details and submission guidelines, go to our website,

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