Excellent Noisy Toy: The Teeter Popper

With the holidays fast approaching (no, really!  They’re just over a month away!), I thought I’d spend the next few weeks profiling toys, books, and games that have worked well for our munchkins.  Please keep in mind that the books I review are titled and tagged “Adventures in Reading,” and I have a “Toys” category, if you’re looking for holiday giving ideas for your favorite kids who happen to be visually impaired.

One of the neater toys we’ve found is the Teeter Popper.  A Teeter Popper is essentially a rocking board that has suction cups on one side.  As long as your kiddo uses it on a flat surface (think tile or wood.  Carpet is a no-go, and it doesn’t work on our ridged faux-wood laminate, either), it makes an awesome popping noise as it rocks back and forth.  It’s brightly colored and really easy to use, and I think it would work well for kids that want sensory input.  Rather than bouncing or rocking, they could teeter-pop and get both auditory and physical stimulation at the same time.

To see what a Teeter Popper looks like, watch the video below:

To hear what a Teeter Popper sounds like, watch this next video:

A Teeter Popper will run you about $40 and can be purchased online fairly easily (ours was a gift and came from Fat Brain toys; I was able to find them at Amazon.com with a simple search).  No eyesight required for a great deal of fun.

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