NFB Community Service Division Seeks November Blog Entries

From the mailbag:

Fellow Federationists,

You may have heard about it from some awesome presenters at this year’s Community Service Seminar.

You may have seen information about it on the Community Service Division listserv.

You may have even seen the blog entries about it written by fellow Federationists Serena Cucco and Conchita Hernandez.

And now we want to see your stories about it, too!

So, you are probably asking, what is “it?”


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, the Community Service Division is seeking articles for its blog from Federationists who have served in any AmeriCorps program. Tell your story! In which program did you serve? What did you do? What alternative techniques did you use, and how did you change perceptions? What challenges did you face? What amazing experiences did you have? Tell us about it!

The following questions come from an article I read some time back; feel free to answer them in your stories as well.

1) How did your service year impact the community?

2) What skills did you gain? How did it help you move forward?

3) What was one life-changing moment for you?

The specifics: Send your story as an attachment or in the body of a message to me at Stories should be no more than 500 words. Be sure to include your name, state, and a title for your story. I look forward to reading about your AmeriCorps experience!

Chris Parsons
Vice President, National Federation of the Blind Community Service Division

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