Skate City Overland Park

Location:  10440 Mastin, Overland Park, KS 66212


  • $5 per person for a two-hour session
  • $2 skate rental (4 wheels)
  • $3.50 for a Skate Mate (photo below)
  • 50 cents extra per charge if using a credit card

Web site:

A few weeks ago, Peanut got to attend a birthday party at our local Skate City, and he had an absolute blast.  Although he’d gone ice skating with CCVI before, he’d never been roller skating at all, so I packed up my twenty-year-old roller skates and went with him.  I envisioned sore knees and a strong arm from holding him up but ended up with a far better experience.

Peanut uses his Skate Mate at Skate City

Peanut uses his Skate Mate at Skate City

Skate City rents a PVC device on roller-skate wheels called at Skate Mate.  Basically, a Skate Mate is a triangle-shaped walker-style device designed to help kids learn how to skate.  It gives them something to hold on to while they’re making their way around the roller-skating rink.  These were extremely popular when we were there–I managed to rent the very last one for Peanut.

One of my concerns about roller skating was navigation:  I’d gone not just to teach Peanut how to skate, but to make sure he had a sighted guide to help him around the rink.  In some ways, the Skate Mate makes this unnecessary.  There were so many of them, kids don’t stand out using them.  The assumption is if you have one, you probably don’t steer/skate very well.  The design is such that the front points out a bit and bumps into things before you do.  It reminds me very much of some of the adaptive aids the COMS and PTs at CCVI devise to help kids navigate the hallways–this is just on wheels.

Peanut did have a tendency to lean towards the joint of the Skate Mate, which made it want to fall over.  I solved this problem by skating behind him, leaning over and holding the two ends of the device (and holding them down).  To be honest, I’m pretty sure that Peanut used me as a motor for a fair amount of the time so he could have a free ride around the rink, but that’s ok, too–the important part is that he had fun.

If you don’t mind that your child is going to fall down (your child is going to fall down, and s/he might even take you with him/her), absolutely go roller skating.  It’s reasonably priced, it’s out of the elements, it’s good exercise, and it’s wonderfully fun.  Peanut definitely wants to go skating again–and I definitely want to take him.

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