Tavern in the Village

Location:  3901 Prairie Lane, Prairie Village, KS 66208

Cost:  Varies, depending on what you order.  You can see menus at the Web site below.  They also have a $5 children’s menu that’s not included on the site (this includes their version of chicken fingers, Peanut’s go-to order when we’re out and about).

Web sitehttp://www.taverninthevillage.com/

I am by no means a food blogger, but I have to share an outstanding experience I had last week at Tavern in the Village.  As you know if you have kids of any ability, going out to eat at a nice restaurant can be a challenge.  They get bored, hungry, antsy . . . loud, disruptive, and difficult.  Tavern in the Village was equipped to handle this in the best possible way:  not only did they have the typical colorable children’s menu with crayons, but they also gave Peanut and Sprout a package of Twisty Twigs each.  That’s right:  not only did they have an activity to amuse a typical, sighted child, they had a tactile activity that kept my visually impaired kiddo happy, amused, and blessedly quiet.


Peanut makes a spider web on our table with multicolored Twisty Twigs

For those not in the know, Twisty Twigs are essentially Wiki Stix with a new name and package.  They’re essentially brightly colored string infused with wax, so they’re a little sticky and totally pose-able.  Think an easy-to-use, modern day pipe cleaner.

Tavern in the Village delighted me with how thoughtful they were for my little dinner guests:  clearly, a parent has worked here.  The crayons were triangular rather than round, making it harder for them to roll off of the table (and thereby less likely that I would have to crawl around on the floor to retrieve them).  The Twisty Twigs were great for my VI child, but the novelty also kept Sprout blessedly amused.  While we were waiting on our dinner, the waitress brought each kiddo a small ramekin of edamame to snack on–admittedly, they both said, “EWW!  It’s green!” and refused to try it, but the thought was much appreciated.  Because this establishment did its homework with having children as dinner guests, they made it so my parents and I had a wonderful evening out with two happy children.  It was lovely.


  • The parking was extremely challenging for a 5:45 dinner reservation on a Friday night.  There were several handicapped stalls at the front of the restaurant open, which is great if you have a placard; if not, be prepared to hike from your parking spot.
  • The restaurant was a little loud.  This is very likely because it was Valentine’s Day weekend and they were packed to the gills.
  • Peanut says that their French fries are the absolute best that he has ever had (and Peanut has had a LOT of French fries in his seven years).  He is dying to go back to get more fries, and he’s insistent that I must try them the next time we go.
  • I had trout with whipped potatoes and bacon Brussels sprouts.  They made Brussels sprouts taste good, and I got to feel all healthy for eating them.


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