Enchanted Hills Summer Music Academy

From the mailbag:

Attention visually impaired musicians age 14 to 24: 
Apply to attend an intensive ten-day session of learning and applying music 
literacy and performance skills designed for musicians who are blind or have 
low vision scheduled for the first 10 days of August, 2016. See links to a 
summary article and a brief video performance below. 
* Opportunities to read, write, record and perform music. 
* Learn to produce scores in braille music, magnified or standard print 
* Create multi-track audio productions. 
* Sing in the EHC Summer Music Academy chorus. 
* Sing or play solo or in a small group in performances at camp and in the 
* Take the option to join the Jam Band track and focus exclusively on 
playing and recording. 
* Take time for a swim, a hike, and to hang out with others who are serious 
about their music too. 
* After spending the first week in the mountains just west of Napa, 
California, enjoy the last few days of the Music Academy at the new 
headquarters of the San Francisco Lighthouse attending concerts and guest 
lecture presentations. 
All of the above for only $300 including room, board, and instructional 
sessions. Campers will need to fund their own transportation. 
For more information and to apply, see the heading: 
Music Academy: August 1 - 10, 2016 
On the page at 
One-page article describing Summer Music Academy 2015 including links to 
complete performances: 
Brief video of 2015 EHC Summer Music Academy chorus 
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