Research Study on Braille Learning

From the mailbag:

Hello, Dr. Tina Herzberg at the University of South Carolina Upstate and I are conducting a research study to learn more about the experiences of people ages 18 to 25 who learned braille during their K-12 program after they had learned to read and write using print.  We would like to invite these individuals to join us for an hour long focus group via phone.  The purpose is to help us better understand the transition that a person goes through when learning braille after having learned to read and write using print. We hope the information we gather can help future teachers, families, and individuals going through the transition.

To participate in the study one needs to fill out a very quick online form at to provide contact information.  If you wish to have the information in an alternative format (electronic, print, braille) please contact Dr. Rosenblum at  Once your information is received we will then follow up with an email to set up the focus group.

To ask questions or learn more please contact Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum at or  520-621-1223.

Thank you,
Penny Rosenblum and Tina Herzberg

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