Self-Service Kiosks in Healthcare Settings

This is something I’ve wondered about myself, as I’ve found more and more touch screens in doctors’ offices and pharmacies we visit.  If you’re a B/VI person who’s encountered these machines, please respond to the request for information below.

From the mailbag:

Self-Service Kiosks in Healthcare Settings 

The NFB is investigating the accessibility of self-service healthcare kiosks used at doctors’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals, and urgent care facilities. We are currently seeking feedback from members regarding kiosks used for check-in purposes, as well as those used to provide basic health screening services, such as monitoring blood pressure and temperature. These kiosks have become prevalent within the healthcare industry and are oftentimes inaccessible, forcing blind patients to share their private heaIth information with sighted strangers in order to enter the data and receive medical care. If you recently visited a healthcare setting and were prompted to use a healthcare kiosk, the NFB needs to hear from you. Please contact Valerie Yingling, paralegal, at (410) 659-9314, extension 2440, to share this information.

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