Holiday Craft: Elf cane

An elf-sized long white cane lays on a white blanket.This year, we’re giving Elf on the Shelf our first try. After the kids were looking for invisible elves last year, we decided to make them visible using post-holiday sales (seriously–they’re half price if you can wait until 12/26, but shop early because they move fast.). I told Peanut that Santa understands that he doesn’t see very well, and it was ok for him to touch his elf. In fact, his elf was also VI! Peanut was, of course, terribly excited.

Almost a year has come and gone, and it’s time for me to make O&M devices on a small scale. Since Peanut uses a long white cane, that’s what I picked for his elf, rather than a guide polar bear or reindeer. It turns out this is a shockingly easy craft choice.

What you need:

  • A lollipop stick. These come in packages of about 100, or you can be creative with Halloween leftovers.=
  • A red ball-end push pin.
  • A small (1″ or so) piece of black yarn or string.
  • Black electrical tape.
  • Red electrical tape, duct tape, or a red marker (I used tape).

Construction is easy. Make a loop with your yarn and secure it to one end of the stick with black tape. Color the end of the stick with black marker if you want it to look like a full wrap. About midway down your cane, add a band of red tape. Slide the pin in the end opposite your handle. Viola! Long white cane, elf sized.

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