Yes, sweetie, you may touch your elf

We have a standing rule at Casa de Phouka:  Peanut may touch his Scout Elf once a day.  We’ve lifted him up to feel the elves when they made a hanging carousel out of his and his sister’s underpants and our ceiling fan; we’ve helped him find them when they were hiding in a  Lego elf house on the dining room table.  It is absolutely, 100% ok for your B/VI child to touch his or her elf–Santa, in fact, expects it.

I had plans to modify my son’s Elf on the Shelf book when I found this letter from Santa posted at

I encourage you to follow the link, check it out, and maybe print a copy for your own kiddo’s book.  If you have multiple Scout Elves like we do, maybe make an elf cane, too, to help your B/VI kiddo tell which is which (Girl elves have lipstick and little silver earrings.  The hairstyles on boy and girl elves are slightly different.  I’m not convinced Peanut could tell them apart without Spot’s cane.  Yes, he named his elf Spot.).  I’ve posted instructions on how I made ours here:  Holiday Craft: Elf cane.

If you want your B/VI kiddo to be able to find his or her elf on his/her own, a fellow parent on Facebook suggested using a beeping key finder:   the beeping portion stays with the elf, and the kiddo gets the toggle that sets off the beeper.  (Peanut generally uses his sister as his elf-finder, which works just as well for our household.)

Happy elfing and Merry Christmas everyone!




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