The Braille Institute’s Special Collection

Catalog CoverIt’s been a few years since I wrote about the Braille Institute’s Special Collection program, and at the time, Peanut was fairly new at Braille.  Now that he’s completed his first Braille Challenge, and I just got the Winter 2018 Special Collection Catalog in the mail, I thought I would bring up this fabulous program again.

As explained on their Web site,

the Braille Special Collection program is designed to increase braille literacy and foster a love of reading by providing blind and visually impaired children with FREE braille books and storybook kits throughout the year.

We have found this to be an invaluable way to build Peanut’s library:  each year, I order both books that meet his current needs (usually Dots for Tots or Top Dot books in the past), and books to meet his future needs (I’ve got a copy of Of Mice and Men on his bookshelf, for instance).  Since we can’t go to our local library and find a rich bookshelf for Peanut to peruse, we’ve built our own with the help of programs like the Special Collection.

The program is open to any B/VI child living in the United States or Canada.  Check it out here:


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