Wanamaker Chick-Fil-A Play Place

Location: 1625 SW Wanamaker Rd , NWC 17th and Wanamaker , Topeka , KS 66604

Cost:  Free, but you can always buy a sandwich

Web site:   https://www.chick-fil-a.com/Locations/KS/17th-and-Wanamaker


A view of the Play Place from our table.

This past Wednesday, Mom, Peanut, and I went to the newest and nicest Chick-Fil-A I’ve ever been to.  As usual, Peanut was excited to try out their Play Place.  He’s delighted that he’s found a benefit to being small for his age–he’s just short enough to be able to climb and play inside the play area!

The play area has a really nice, well-padded floor, and is clearly very new.  There’s a Chick-Fil-A car for kids to climb in in the climbing part, and Peanut tells me there’s an airplane where you can spin the propeller.  There weren’t many tactile toys for the toddler set here; this play area is much more visually oriented than some we’ve been to.  There’s a set of pictures for a seek-and-find in the play area (think a large scale Where’s Waldo?); a Beauty Shop with different mirrors; and a Pet Store with a pet matching game, one tactile maze, and a noisy spinning toy filled with bbs.


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These were the highest-tech restrooms I’ve seen–there was hand sanitizer, sanitizing hand soap, and even mouthwash!

The restrooms might be a bit complicated for kids learning cane skills (public restroom navigation is on our IEP for this year).  Upon reflection, the women’s restroom leaves me with a combination of “Wow, that’s neat!,” and “Wow, that’s complicated!”  I was impressed at the time that there’s a Purell dispenser for hand sanitizer, a second dispenser with sanitizing hand soap, and even a mouthwash dispenser by the sink.  In retrospect, I’m not sure how a B/VI person would navigate the options, since there’s no braille and restrooms generally don’t offer mouthwash.  File this one under neat, but not accessible.

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