VI Doctoral Student Needs Your Help

From the mailbag:

Hello Everyone! I am a visually impaired clinical psychology doctoral student. I am looking to recruit participants for my dissertation research study concerning visual impairment and child development. Information about my study is below.

Advertisement for Research on Visual Impairment

Study: The Early Years: How A Visually Impaired Infant’s Earliest Relationships with Caregivers Impacts Their Social-Emotional Development

Purpose of Study
The purpose of this study is to help the field of psychology develop a better understanding of how early visual impairment impacts the bonding process between visually impaired infants and their caregivers. Additionally, it is important to investigate how this early bonding process could potentially impact a visually impaired child’s general social-emotional functioning as the child ages.

Eligibility Requirements:
– Must be 18 or older
– Must have a visual impairment that developed before the age of 3, OR be a parent of a child who has a visual impairment that developed before the age of 3.
– Adults with visual impairment must be younger than age 30. Parents of children with visual impairment must have children younger than age 30.
– Due to the nature of the study, only ocular-based visual impairments (visual impairments caused by disease, injury, or other damage to the eye, retina or optic nerve with no damage to the brain and an inability to correct the vision with glasses) will be considered.
– Individuals with multiple disabilities may be considered depending on the nature of their additional disabilities.
– All race/ethnicities, genders/gender identities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, and sexual orientations are welcome to participate.
– If there are two parent/caregivers of a visually impaired child, both parents/caregivers are welcome to participate but not required.

Anticipated Time Commitment
Participation will require the participant to fill out a 15-minute survey about their personal and visual impairment related demographics, as well as participate in a 1-3 hour audio-recorded interview. In person interviews are preferred, however alternative interview methods such as over the phone or secured video conference can be discussed.

Location of The Research
In-person interviews will be conducted at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology- Chicago Campus.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
325 North Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60654

If you have any questions or wish to participate in the study, please contact Brittany Adams Yee at (414)418-3809 or via email at

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