Time to grow a reader with Seedlings

Seedlings Book Angel program is open for 2019!  B/VI kiddos in the United States and Canada up to age 21 can receive three free books by registering here:  http://seedlings.org/bkangel2009.php  Aside from the awesomeness of getting books, Seedlings is extra awesome because you can choose the books you get (you list your top choices and they send you three of them).  Seedlings has been a major source of books for Peanut’s library–I truly cannot recommend them enough.

Seedlings also offers the Rose Project, where they’ll transcribe World Book Encyclopedia articles for B/VI kids grades 1-12 for free.  You can order an article or articles here:  http://seedlings.org/rose.php

They are now also offering a TVIP program where TVIs in the United States can get four FREE one-volume braille books each calendar year.  As explained on their Web site:

Teachers of the Visually Impaired in the U.S. may order 4 free 1-volume braille books from Seedlings each calendar year! Order here and use the code TVIP19 as your Purchase Order Number.

In the Check Out Information, please include your school name & address for our records. You may enter a different address in the ‘Send to’ information if you wish.
Please be patient. We are very excited to send you these free books, but we will need to produce & pack them when we are not busy with paid orders.

And please understand that by ordering these free books, you are agreeing to be on our email list for our quarterly newsletters & other updates. Happy Reading!


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