Easter’s a-comin’

As Peanut’s visual acuity declines, Easter becomes more of a challenge.  He’s not really able to see things on the ground, even if they’re high-contrast, so the color of the eggs doesn’t matter.  The commercial beeping eggs I’d tried a few years ago didn’t work well–they weren’t loud enough, and the kids frankly destroyed them shortly after their use (for the cost, I wanted to be able to use them year-after-year).  My daughter’s sighted, so my going out with Peanut and snapping my fingers by eggs (essentially being a human beeper) wasn’t the best, either–she’d get all of the eggs before he got one.  I’ve heard of tying helium balloons to the eggs so he can ‘find’ them by essentially running into them, but logistically–that’s difficult if I’m trying to continue the illusion of the bunny bringing the treats (I mean, where do I hide the balloons?  Will they stay up overnight?)

So, here’s what I’m trying this year:  I bought five large eggs from Dollar Tree for each kid.  They’re plastic that’s clear on the top and colored on the bottom, and I’m hoping to be able to re-use them.  I then bought an electronic key finder from Amazon for about $20; it has five receivers and a remote that lets you start each receiver with a different color-coded button.   I tried it out when I arrived, and I’m delighted to say it’s LOUD.  My plan is to stick a key finder in each of Peanut’s eggs, then put the remote in his Easter basket and tell him it’s so he can find his eggs.

I’m still working on how best to keep Sprout from finding Peanut’s eggs–there’s a fair chance that hers will be up high and his lower to the ground, or I’ll stash these eggs in their rooms.  I may just put their initials on the eggs so she knows which ones to leave alone.  Either way, I’ll post an update after Easter to let you know how well it worked.  Fingers crossed it works well and we’ve found a solution to the annual egg hunt.

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