A Resounding Easter Success

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our attempts to make Easter egg hunting accessible for Peanut:  Easter’s a-comin’.  I am delighted to say that our efforts were a resounding success.

P & S at Easter

Peanut and Sprout open their eggs.

The Easter Bunny (EB) set baskets for the kids at their seats at the table.  Each basket had chocolate (of course!), clothing (Peanut is wearing his new leopard t-shirt and Sprout her new unicorn leggings in the photo to the left), and, in Peanut’s case, a remote key finder.

At a friend’s suggestion, the EB had written Sprout’s name on top of each of her eggs and explained that her eggs had her name on them.  This was our first time trying this egg-hunting method, so Peanut’s eggs were in relatively obvious spaces:  my sighted child could see them easily.  Thus, it was important that her eggs be labeled so she didn’t pre-find all of her brother’s.

I explained to Sprout about her eggs, then clued Peanut in to the key finder:  they each had five eggs, and Peanut’s would beep when he pushed buttons on his key finder.  He had a BLAST.  This was, hands down, the most effective egg hunt we’ve had with our kids.  Peanut’s whole face lit up when he heard the first egg beep, and he was excited to be able to find them all by himself.  He even commented that the eggs were too easy for him to find!

Best yet, for the first time ever, the kids kept playing with the eggs.  Like my father and I did when I was a kid, they took turns hiding the eggs and re-finding them.  My daughter even enjoyed hunting for eggs with her ears more than hunting for them with her eyes.  It was awesome, and inclusive, and fantastic, and I wish we’d done it sooner but so glad that we did it now.

Our egg hunt was indoors, but the key finder was loud enough that I think you could do it in an outdoor space as well.  This was easy, re-usable, and affordable–it cost about $20 for the key finder set, and $1 each for the giant eggs.  (The EB could’ve used smaller eggs, but we weren’t sure how big the fobs would be when the eggs were purchased.)  10/10 will absolutely do again.


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