Participants Needed: Study on experiences & preferences for image descriptions

From the mailbag:

A team of researchers at the University of Texas is seeking individuals who are blind or have low vision to participants in a study focused on people’s experiences with image descriptions (captions, alt text, visual question answers, etc.), and how preferences for image description change based on context of use.

Participants will engage in a 1.5 hour interview over the phone, and will be compensated with $30 via Amazon Gift Card. Subsequently, participants will be invited to participate in short diary study for additional $30.00 Amazon Gift Card.  Participation in this study may contribute to the development of next generation image description technologies.

To be eligible for this study, one needs to be 18 years or older, legally blind and use a screen reader whenever accessing computing devices, or have “low vision” and rely on either a screen magnifier or screen reader whenever using a computing device.

If interested or for more information, please email Abigale Stangl <> or 303-335-0879

Thank you in advance, Abigale Stangl

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