A Shout Out to @Disney

Recently, we were blessed to go on our second Disney Cruise.  I was concerned coming up to the trip:  when we took our first cruise, Peanut still had usable vision.  For this cruise, he would not.  How would he do on his own at activities like the Oceaneer Club?  He loved the club on our previous trip–how would it work for him now, with light perception only?

I had no reason to worry:  the Oceaneer Club was still Peanut’s favorite part of the trip.  He spent hours there, some on his own and some with his sister.  He never called us to pick him up, and he was always upset to have to leave.  Disney and its Cast Members were able to make the Oceaneer Club magical for him, even though he wasn’t able to see.  I’m not sure what all they did or how they did it–I only went in the club to pick him up once, when he was seated at a table with two counselors and several other kids playing a game–but they worked their magic and he enjoyed his time there.

They made it accessible for him.  In a world where so many places and activities are not, it was magical for us that he got to be a kid, just like everyone else.

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