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#HowEyeSeeIt #Howoffensivecanyouget?

Wow. Every time I think I’ve seen the depths of misguided ableism, I’m amazed by a new low.  This latest one–#HowEyeSeeIt–really?  Seriously???  You have to be effing kidding me.  You think that blundering around for a minute with a blindfold … Continue reading

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Self-Service Kiosks in Healthcare Settings

This is something I’ve wondered about myself, as I’ve found more and more touch screens in doctors’ offices and pharmacies we visit.  If you’re a B/VI person who’s encountered these machines, please respond to the request for information below. From … Continue reading

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ASAN Advocacy Toolkit

From the mailbag: ASAN has published a toolkit for advocates, families and administrators on how to ensure that people with disabilities receive Medicaid-funded Home and Community-Based Services in integrated settings that offer full access to the community. Home and community-based services … Continue reading

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Call for Articles–Future Reflections

This came as a post to a mailing list I’m on: The Spring 2013 issue of Future Reflections will be a special issue around the theme of advocacy.  I would like to include articles by parents about experiences advocating for … Continue reading

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Free Wrightslaw Training In Oklahoma City, December 6th

Another one from my mail bag (below).  You can access the registration forms at http://www.wrightslaw.com/speak/12.12.ok.htm Registration is FREE to parents, family members, and individuals who work with children with disabilities and are residents of Oklahoma. Out of state registrants are … Continue reading

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