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KSSB Summer Programs

This year was Peanut’s very first year at the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB) summer school.  It was a three week program that ended this past Friday with a musical extravaganza, and I cannot recommend it enough.  Peanut … Continue reading

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Scholarship Opportunity for COMS- and TVIs-to-be

From the mailbag: New Opportunities for Careers in Rehabilitation of the Blind Scholarships are now available! Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness Louisiana Tech University Structured Discovery Cane Travel (SDCT) and Structured Discovery Rehabilitation have been demonstrated to be … Continue reading

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KSSB Parent Weekend

2013 KSSB PARENT AND FAMILY RESOURCE WEEKEND November 22-23, 2013 Updated Schedule Friday, November 22   4:30-5:30 pm          Registration in the KSSB Dining Hall 5:00-6:00 pm          Meal for children and adults in Dining Hall 6:15-6:30 pm          Families Together—What It’s All … Continue reading

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It’s Trolley Run! It’s Trolley Run!!

This coming Sunday, at the break of dawn–well, by 6:30 a.m. at least–a young man, just past his fourth birthday, will be bounding through my house shouting, “It’s Trolley Run!!!  It’s Trolley Run!!”  As I read this sentence to my … Continue reading

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NFB Summer Programs

Can you tell I’m catching up with my email?  It looks like I’ve got about 39 messages left to get through, so I may find all sorts of interesting things to share! The February 2013 issue of the Jernigan Institute’s … Continue reading

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Louisiana Tech University Master’s Programs

From a mailing list I’m on: Dear Prospective Student: This letter is to introduce an exciting opportunity for qualified blind and sighted individuals through the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University. The Institute on Blindness … Continue reading

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Jog the Web with Kathy Alstrin

Peanut’s first TVI was an amazing woman named Kathy Alstrin.  She is an excellent teacher, guide and advocate for children with visual impairments, and she made an enormous difference in our lives. Once upon a time, Kathy gave me a handout … Continue reading

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Call to Action: Mississippi HB960

Imagine:  you’re in school, trying to keep up with your classmates and learn the year’s lessons, and you don’t have your textbook yet.  Weeks go by, then months, then finally–halfway through the school year–your books arrive.  Imagine trying to learn … Continue reading

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2012 BLIND, Inc. Buddy Program

Can you tell I’m working through my email?  I’ve got a fair-sized backlog of announcements/interesting emails saved up, so I’ll be doing my best to get them online in the next few days.  Hopefully, these will help you and your … Continue reading

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Looking for a Summer Job? Check out this program from Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

From a mailing list I’m on: Greetings all, Ø  Are you proficient in the basic skills of blindness? Ø  Are you ready to inspire confidence in our youth through enjoyable activities such as sailing, attending an O’s game, ballroom dance, … Continue reading

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